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By the way it says here I'm 47 but I'm not..some reason it keeps it like that... I'm a New Years baby and I'm 48... I'm just an old fashion girl who loves to ride her motorcycle yet enjoys the femininity of being a woman. I love to wear my high heels and love feeling good. Please if you can't handle PDA's (Public Displays of Affection) then don't bother with me, cause I need to know you enjoy b...

Hey you! Howz it going? I am a pretty cool guy. Am currently working very hard to try and finish my PhD in engineering so that I can actually start a real life. Student life is too disillusioning to me these days. I believe it just promises a lot without really delivering the goods. But I like my work and some day hope to win accolades for it :). Other than school, I am very much into playing s...

Hi i am 26 years old however almost 27... i work full time and spend a lot of my free time in the gym! i love roller blading, going to the gym and rock climbing. um... not sure what else enyone wants to know but feel free to ask :-)

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