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Age/Gender 34 year old Man
Location: Naples, FL
Height: 5'8"
Body: Muscular
Race: Middle Eastern, White
Religion: Other
Languages: English, Japanese, Spa...
Income: Less than $25K
Profession: Food services
Education: Graduate Degree
Status: Widowed
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what you should know about me

Hello my name is Cory I don't usually divulge my personal information online because of identity safety reasons. I'm 34 years old. I'm not married, was but not this parallel dimension sub-universe (difficult to understand if you inefficiently don't practice metaphysics), widowed to someone I truly loved and dismay that I wish I was, never was and denied children. I have an Associates degree in Animation and Applied Sciences in art. I'm going for Bachelor's in Computer Science in TBD hopefully. If your a scammer looking for money please go away. I'm so consumed by work. I don't drink, I don't smoke or do drugs. I'm a good-hearted man. I got into trouble in 2011 but it was horrible experience that I'm recovering from. Bad things happen to good people. We live in very difficult and uncertain times where there is too much narcissism and less love. The world needs true natural LOVE. I'm a devoted SAMARITAN and I read the bible. I accept my father as my guardian. The circumstances are I only had one relationship and it never lasted. No sex. I'm a virgin and forced this way... I'd love to experience intimacy one day. Very hard. I'm too isolated. I'm truly responsible and working towards my goal to be on my own with my first novel book due out in the Fall. I need compassion in my life. I need a woman who is un-seemly there for me and will not turn her on me. My heart is too precious and it breaks easily. I practically cry everyday for companionship and true love. I'm not rich but working towards my goals, but very honest. No issues, but isolation and utter silence from the outside world. I'm ready to meet some woman and to have a good time. I need my other half, my princess. Someone I can hold hands with and make a commitment. Just want me, and I'm there for you too. I'm the triumphant definition of a gentleman which is a rare commodity these times in depressive days. I"m old school that lives his life in the 1990s and 1980s criteria of thinking. CHRISTILITE.

who i want to meet here

Lets me honest ladies. I know exactly how you feel I'm 144% IS "REAL". Looking for true love, not just sex. Love can be more than sexual intimacy. It's about how much your willing to sacrifice so much for her out of the love of your heart. My ideal webdate date would be a girl that is not afraid to have open feelings about her date. Someone who is open-minded like me and not timid and tells the truth. Someone fun and exciting to date and to have a good conversation with and who is a good listener. One who can appreciate what the fun side of life has to offer. Someone who I can love and return the love back unconditionally. Someone with good companionship. To tell you the truth, I don't want a girl that will lie to me and use me as a ploy to get her ex-boyfriends jealous. That has happend several times to me. I don't want a deciver and someone who knows how to get ahead in life. She can be sensative to me about anything. Just send me an email if intrested. I'm just so tired of not getting what I want. I want more then friendship. I've been broken hearted so many dam times of women that I have meet. They would would either would go off with some other guy or say things don't work out because of differences. It hurts deep inside when you care for someone and you get nothing out of something. It's because of sympathy towards another person isn't what should be rewarded. So here I am, the wondering knight on his steed going into the sunset after a long hard battle of monsters, goblins and dragons still looking for his princess. Also I'm not the type of guy that goes not for good looks, but competence or applied intelligence. I'm not the type of guy that would score just for keeping tabs. No... I'm the type of guy that's the original American man that wants to fly like a hawk and shoot for the distance. I like to be myself and make others feel themselves worth it's while. Thanks. Do as I work, while heard and seen then share as I teach. SON OF MAN.

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