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Seeking: Men
Looking for: Flirting, Friends, Dates
Age/Gender 39 year old Woman
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Height: 5'2"
Body: Athletic
Race: White
Religion: Other
Languages: English
Income: $25-35K
Profession: Tell you later
Education: Some College
Status: Currently Dating
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what you should know about me

I am funny, independent, a hard worker, kind of a tomboy...but with girl tendencies..I do get nails done monthly and I dye my own hair regularly. I am by no means high maintenance. I have a busy weird schedule but try to fit everything in. I don't want to die saying I worked too much. I do however have a hard time saying no to work. I make my own schedule based on what gigs are coming up. (Music biz) I am a female boss so i have to be tough at work. But would love to have a man to come home to...and I didn't need to be tough at all.

who i want to meet here

I want to meet men that by our age have there life together. A job, a place to stay, have good relationships with family and friends. are active but don't mind relaxing in either. Someone who takes care of their body...meaning putting conscious effort into working out. I don't belong to a gym...but I exercise and do yoga at home, and I lift things all day for work, sometimes I will curl it a few extra times for the workout.... I am not perfect I have areas I am working on...but the point, is I think it is better to use the energy to make myself look and feel good. I am not obsessed with exercise. I just want to have things in common and if I am in shape I would like to also date someone who is as well. Just a preference.

my ideal first date

A walk around the lakes, an outdoor patio date at a local restaurant ( of course these are summer things) A quiet, semi dark and relaxing sushi place, for drinks and appetizers. I am pretty laid back so good company is all I need.

what people notice about me first

Probably the pink hair.. It sometimes is unfortunate. I get judged. Like I wouldn't have a good job, or be a good mate, like I would have to be center of attention so that is why I do it...but to be honest I did it one yr for a costume. And I loved it. I wish I grew it pink. In my job, even when I do the most uptight corp. gigs. I get compliments from people you wouldn't guess also wish they had pink hair...but fear, society, the ideas of what tattoos and dyed hair meant. Rebel, loser, not someone you would bring home...can die. I don't plan on having pink hair forever...but while it is fun and old ladies and kids smile at me. I am happy. And it makes me more approachable. Hard to not say something to a girl with pink hair and a smile !

music, movies, tv shows that i like

I love all music...depending on mood. I was always a rocker type chick...but I have taken a liking to a lot of things.. after working sooo many shows.
I love movies. own hundreds. I usually don't like theaters...but think I should give it another shot. :) I like walking dead, Sons of anarchy and some crappy shows I don't want to name...if i want to laugh and be reminded how ridiculous t.v. is and I should go exercise or talk to strangers...more stimulating ! LOL

things i need to be happy

I need a hug, and cuddle sometimes. Most days I would prefer to have my love one send me a text saying that I am beautiful and they can't wait to see me. I had that once...But long distance rarely works...that was the case.
I need a good man that makes some time for me. I will do the same.
I also need sunshine... COME on sunshine !!@

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