Brek32 "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" Albert Einstein
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Seeking: Women
Looking for: Flirting, Friends, Dates, Marriage
Age/Gender 35 year old Man
Location: Bedford, TX
Height: 6'2"
Body: Muscular
Race: White
Religion: Other Christian
Languages: English
Income: Less than $25K
Profession: Other
Education: High School
Status: Never Married
noun: Movies
animal: all dogs
sport: UFC
sandwich: BBQ
sound: Heavy Metal
city: Bedford
state: Texas
country: United States
actor: Jason Statham
actress: Kate Upton
drink: Strawberry Milk
number: 13
hand: left
team: Dallas Cowboys
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what you should know about me

I've delt with so much rejection just tell me right now before this goes any futher if this is something you can't get past an are to shallow to accept. So that way I'm not wasting either of our time. I say that beecause I was in a car wreck on my way to work back on 1/28/09. For which I was driving forklifts most of the time, but I'd occasionally do a few tattoos. No criminal record if you already assumed due to my look. Anyways my truck slid on the icy roads of highway 360, slamming my drivers side door into a pillar of a bridge putting me into a 2 month long coma. After which I had to retrain my body to walk and talk again. My injuries at that time would've included me having a broke neck, 3 broke ribs & my pelvic bone was broke in 2 places. Not to mention it also lacerated my spline, liver & both lungs. However don't be put off by that, I didn't even start exercising till after the wreck so these photos you see of me today are very recent. If you're curious about if it effected my looks at all.
As of what I'd concider my flaws now would only consist of me walking with a cane & my speech is slightly slower. Nothing to bad at all, I am no different then any other man other then those abilities now. Hope this description wasn't to much for you to handle. After all of that though the damn doctors I had were to afraid to let me drive in case the damages I had sustained effected my reaction time in anyway they wouldn't be liable. So I don't drive or work, however I do get a disability check once a month for some kinda income, so I don't need any financial help. If you ever wanna see me in person though just remember you'd have to be the one who comes to visit.

who i want to meet here

First of all I'd consider my perfect match to be someone who's honest all the time with all things. Even if it's something that may hurt ones feelings. Little white lies never helped no-one an I want to know if maybe I smell bad after doing something. Or if I might have a booger hanging in a embarrassing place on my face HAHA. In short also someone who holds the same regard for HER political beliefs. A person who cares about her own well being and has a good sense of humor an is also clean about herself like me. Having good looks counts a little of course, but I'm not all about that and won't automatically reject you for such a thing. If you meet all that criteria and by chance are still single then I'll definitely want a friend like that. A understanding, single and rational woman with all those attributes is most likely impossible to find this day in age I'm sure.

my ideal first date

IDK how about a movie and dinner of her choice

what people notice about me first

My walk but yet I'm in real good shape, so I get mistaken for an army vet. all the time.

music, movies, tv shows that i like

Heavy Metal: various variety
Country: various variety
A large variety of comic-book moves

things i need to be happy

My granny
air conditioner
good food
the internet

secret talents that i have


turn ons
turn offs
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